Ollie Phillips is an ambassador for the government-driven GREAT crusade; working with the Clipper Round the World Race to advanced cruising, rugby and the GREAT battle over the globe.

Ollie came back to Cape Town August 2014 to advance the venture, setting out on a countrywide training project to get neighbourhood groups more required with wear.

Ollie is the brand ambassador and part of the business development group for Clipper Ventures, the coordinators of the Clipper Round the World Race, He is in charge of expanding the profile of the race and growing new business connections.

In a somewhat extraordinary part, Ollie is additionally an ambassador for Cactus, the main supplier of language instructional classes.

Having learned familiar French while playing for Stade Francais, Ollie wants to advance the advantages of taking in a language and the open doors that emerge from being capable impart inside a variety of organisations.